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The China Law Group is a student-led initiative dedicated to the establishment of a forum at the University of Toronto in which to deepen mutual understanding between Canada and China in the legal sphere, to equip future professionals for engagement with China, and to facilitate Canadian contributions to the continuing study and evolution of Chinese law and Canada-China relations. The Group organizes discussion groups, socials, and an annual conference.

The China Law Conference is an annual one-day conference on issues of Chinese law and Canada-China relations, bringing together scholars and practitioners from around the world to create a forum for advancing Canadian students’ understanding of the challenges and opportunities created by the rise of China.

The Sixth Annual Conference is made possible by the generous support from McMillan LLP, Bennett Jones LLP, Sullivan & Cromwell LLP, Jones & Co., the Scotiabank Fund at the Faculty of Law, the University of Toronto's Students' Union, the Asian Institute at the Munk School of Global Affairs and the University of Toronto Students' Law Society. We are extremely thankful for their support. If you are interested in sponsoring the annual China Law Conference, please send an email to chinalawconference[at]

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